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Farmer and Son

Preserve Fields and Soil for The Next Generation

Your Fields are the most valuable assets of your Farm. mYard mission is to preserve and potentially improve soil quality of your fields as well as the life inside your soils. We all aim to leave fields with high quality soil for the next generations!

What we provide

Our goal is to better understand the diversity of your fields and it's different productivity through zones. 

We provide you a 10-year satellite imagery analysis to show the pure potential of your field split into zones. You can build your multiyear Crop Production strategy based on the provided zone maps.

We provide percentage values for the Field Technology Zones to determine in what way the lower potential areas differ from the average.

Image by Kamil Feczko

3 Pillars of Field Zone Managment


and density optimization through Field management Zones

Until you do not have full understanding of the lower and higher performing areas, you can start to optimize the crop production plan to Nitrogen application and row crops density.
 That will help lower performing areas to recover and balance the applied inputs for the soil potential.


your soil precisely by Soil management Zones

With the Soil Management Zone Maps you can ensure a targeted sampling, which helps the understanding of the main nutrition limitations which causing soil potential loss.


complex nutrition analysis through the sampling

With the proper sampling per zones we can define those macronutrients that need to be restored in the soil management zones and can give the same analysis for the overused nutrients in lower potential zones of the Field.

3 Pillars of mYard strategy
Green Field

How we serve you

We only need your field boundary to provide you the Soil Management and Production Technology zones.

Our maps functions perfectly in the lack of previous field background or yield map information.

 Our Services

Providing Two different digital Precision Agriculture Zone maps for your fields.

We will analyse your Fields based on their varying potential and give you our recommendation regarding  to the numbers of different management zones you should treat separately  for soil management and crop production technology purposes.

Image by Carlo Verso

Soil Management Zones

will support you to improve soil condition and aim to homogenise your Field

We will divide your field into several zones and identify the Critical, Low, Acceptable, Average, Above average areas within your Field. With this information, you can plan your soil management strategy and apply specific soil improvement measures wherever needed. 

Corn harvest

Field Production Technology Zones

will identify the optimal production technology and maximise yield according to the potential of your field zones

We will split your field into several zones based on their diverse crop production potential.  This will enable you to optimise the input application strategy for the different potential of the zones so that you can choose the right production technology on the areas with different yield potential.

About Us: What We Do

Who can benefit the most?

  • If you purchase or take over a Farm, have no access for previous yield or crop rotation results and do not want to wait years to have soil/field potential information

  • If you want to step in the PrecisionAG universe but you lack of data gathered from the last few years

  • If you do not want to gather and storing data yourself

  • If your goal is to improve soil condition and precision fields management 

  • If you want to find the best spots for soil sampling

  • If you do not want to invest in all PrecisionAg machinery or software

  • If you want to avoid the inaccuracy resulting from a single year's analysis 

  • If you want to avoid overuse of input materials

For more answers read our Frequently Asked Questions:

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