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Ordering Process

Thank you to consider ordering our service. This is a big decision and we understand if you have doubts and questions. This page is here to help you understanding the steps of the Order placement, payment and delivery. 

If you don't get an answer for your question feel free to contact us!

Image by Jed Owen

Ordering in the Shop

The process start with your order in our webshop.

You can select from the available Services & Consultations, fill up your cart, and review it.
At check out we will ask your invoice details like your / company name and delivery address for tax rate calculations.
What we will also need is your e-mail address that we can use for communication.
If you are not our member we encourage you to register to our site. Please use your Microsoft account e-mail address if you have any. (only the e-mail not the login details)

Choose bank transfer, check our policies and Send us your order.

At this point there are no credit card charges, it only shows your interest to order.

The Proforma Invoce

When we got your order you get a  confirmation by e-mail.

In the next step we need your Field Boundaries to assess the total area we will provide our Service, and create your Quotation.
If you already a member of our site you should have link to your Microsoft Shared Folder and you can simply load your shape file there to trigger the Quotation process.
If you newly joined, send your shape files by e-mail to our contact e-mail, we will process it and load in your shared folder. 

Based on the files you share we create you a proforma invoice which will detail the total area and cost of the service.


Field Boundary.png

Service Documentation Delivery

After your payment is confirmed we will start to process your request. Delivery of the service documentation should be loaded in your Microsoft Shared Folder.
If you order VR maps or Soil sampling maps we will load them to the same Folder with different folder names.

You will have access to your Shared folder for 30 days after we post your Service documentation.
We will store your files for 365 days before remove them from our server, if your folder access expires contact us to send you a renewing link. 

Based on the final delivery we will send you a final invoice. If our delivery and the proforma invoice vary this document will give the details.

Image by Loren King

Focus on your Fields

We define this 3 step model to help you define your needs,  not to pay for something you didn't request, be transparent on the costs before the delivery. We digitalized each step of the communication from the order to delivery and invoicing, so that you get your documents and files in minutes from their availability.

We do all these steps, so that you could focus on the planters, sprayers, spreaders, monitors and the day-to-day operations of your farm.

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