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Variable Rate Field Map creation

Variable Rate Field Map creation

SKU: 10001

We create prescription maps per Fields for Zone Maps. We will generate N or Density VR field maps based on the partner's technology target or hybrid recommendation.
We create Ca, P, K VR field maps based on soil sample analysis.

We can keep a controll strip in the VR Map if it's requested by the partner. That enables comparision of the VR technology with the standard application.


    Files will be sent by e-mail given at the Order Form and stored at the shared folder of registered Accounts.


    This service is provided per Field.
    To fulfill this Service the Field Zone Maps has to be ordered prior by the partner.
    The recommended field is above 10ha and the Field should have at least 2 different Zone defined by the Field Zone Maps.

    Partner shall provide details of:
    - Fertlizer type, Hybrid name and density reaction curve
    - Yield target or targeted dosage of fertilizer and Nitrogen
    - Monitor and machinery type which will be used for fertilizer application and planting

    Without above information mYard will provide a simple shape file with the application dose (kg/ha) for Ca, P, K

Excluding VAT
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