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3D Field Modeling

3D Field Modeling

SKU: 10004

Tillage and movement of nutrients are greatly influenced by the slope and aspect of your field. These factors determine the main flow of water, which mobilizes nutrients. We offer this service for Irrigation investment assessment and VR Irrigation fields, as well as for farms who want to improve efficiency and management, and face high erosion. The free slope and elevation sources are based on a 30x30m satellite-based sensing map, which cannot identify the microtopography of the field.


    Drone flight based digital surface model.

    The cost of Service is applying for the flight plan creation, and the analysis of the photos, deliverying the DRONATION 3D modelling package for the Farmer's Fields.


    Service documentation will be sent by e-mail given at the Order Form and stored at the shared folder of registered Accounts.


    To create flight plans partner shall provide the field boundaries.

    By default the service requiers a DJI drone type which is able to execute polygon flights. Please contact us if you are not sure about your drone capacity.

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