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AB line optimisation

AB line optimisation

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Guidance (AB) lines are the cornerstone of field operations, and they vary depending on the task. For planting, you need a line that fits the row cultivation or spraying width; for tillage, you need a different line. We can calculate the angles based on the boundaries or geolocation of your fields, taking into account the field elevation to create contour guidelines with multiple curves and circles for pivots. This allows you to use the least fuel and time.


    After we get your boundaries, we will run an open source elevation model to assess the slope of your fields. Based on the slopes and boundaries, we will propose a main direction for planting, spraying, and row cultivation. If your field has high slopes, we will also create a contour AB line. We will create two tillage paths that are +/- 20% of your main direction, as well as headlanes for each field based on the boundaries. All guidance layers will be exported in the format of the requested monitors.


    Service documentation will be sent by e-mail given at the Order Form and stored at the shared folder of registered Accounts.


    We only need your field boundary! 
    If you can't provide a georeferenced field boundary, we will georeferance any image shared with us and showing the exact position of your field.

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