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Study the fields where you plant your trials

Sandor Fehervari

28 Nov 2020

Identify homogeneous yield potential distribution zones

We collaborated on a trial analysis and we learned great new way to apply our maps. TRIALS!

All farmers are running trials and take future production technology decisions based on the Yield they measure. This is good farming practice, products need to be tested before they get implemented in full scale farm technology.

BUT… If you are not aware of your field potential, you may choose a product which is not performing well.

On this example you see trial plots with the Field Production Technology Zones below.

The different Field potential marked by our Field Production Technology Zone Map. The different codes in the polts are testing strips like M9 C1… the letters are stand for different tillage technologies

M9 & C9 performed 10-15% higher Yields than in M12 & C12 in these multi year farm scale strip trial. Not surprisingly our Field Production technology Zone map showing exactly the same, +10% increase in Yield potential. Luckily in this trial the farm used replicates, but imagine when you plant Product A in plot C10 and Product B in M9 for a Hybrid performance or a nutrition trial. Product A has to perform 15% higher in performance just to see the same Yield result as Product B!

That’s why we say farmers need to be sure that all the trial plots are planted within the same yield potential zone, otherwise the different potential will impact and mislead the results measured in the trial, and the farm technology may implement, a lower performance product, or miss a great one only because of the bad posiyioning of the Farm testing strips.

We believe in experiments and testing, we encourage all farms to do as much trials as they can manage to keep up with the industry innovations. Be aware of the trialing locations potential that the measurs are correct at the end.

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